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Presentation mode

Another way to navigate and show the board is by using the Presentation mode. Presentation mode hides all the interface elements apart from the zoom indicatorframes navigation, and the option to open the frames panel.

Use the presentation mode to showcase your idea without unnecessary distractions on the screen.

Start the presentation mode by clicking the presentation icon in the lower right corner.

Presentation mode and frames

Make the most of the presentation mode by using it with frames. Move from one frame to another by clicking the arrows in the lower right corner. 

As you go from frame to frame, your view of the board will change to show the right content.

Click the up arrow to move to the previous frame and the down arrow to go to the next one on the frames list. 

You can also change frames by pressing arrows on your keyboard. Use the up arrow key to go to the previous frame and the down arrow key to navigate to the next one.