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Release notes

 Changes introduced:

[September 2023] Jira card updates

We’ve released a batch of updates to the Jira integration, including a redesigned Jira card to make crucial (status, assignee, type, label, etc.) information more visible. 

We’ve also made editing the Jira issue easier by improving the toolbar UX and expanding the list of changes you can make directly in Whiteboards. 

They now include editing: 

  • Summary,

  • Story Points,

  • Status,

  • Assignee,

  • Priority.

From the same menu, you can also display any linked Jira issues or add a new child issue to your task.

[September 2023] Jira issues search changes

Along with other updates to our Jira integration, we’ve introduced new ways to search for, filter, and sort Jira issues on the Jira issues sidebar. 

We’ve added the options to:

  • Easily switch between Jira sites,

  • Select Jira project, board, and subboard,

  • Switch between basic search and JQL,

  • Searching with a keyword or issue ID,

  • Adding all Jira cards from the list that match the criteria,

  • Toggle displaying on the list of Jira cards added to the board.

Those changes make adding your backlog issues or those from a current sprint a breeze. You don’t need to know JQL to smoothly find the issues you want and add them to the board in a couple of clicks. The changes make the interface intuitive and help you save time.

[September 2023] Request access to the organization

We’ve added an option for users and board guests to request access to an organization.

Users can request access when they’re logged in and are trying to open an organization with its URL or when they sign up and there’s an existing organization under their email domain. 

Board guests can request full access when they navigate to the dashboard. 

Owners of that organization get an email notification and can approve or decline the request in the brand-new Requests section in administration.

[September 2023] Further line improvements

We’ve added smart step lines that keep the angle of 90° when connected with other objects and have an intelligent mechanism that ensures diagrams look clean and there are no unnecessary curves. 

We’ve also improved core line curve options and removed the ones that became obsolete when the new logic was introduced.

[September 2023] New shapes library

Our shapes library was completely redesigned to improve the experience and increase the ease of searching and using them. With time, we will be further expanding available shape categories. 

[September 2023] New color palettes for sticky notes, text, and shapes

Continuing to improve Whiteboards UX, we’ve created a new color palette for sticky notes (cards), shapes, and text! These colors are adjusted for the best text visibility on the elements and to improve accessibility.

[September 2023] New verification option

Right now, users who sign up can verify their email address not only with a code but also by clicking a button in the verification email