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How to get the User Story Mapping on Whiteboards plugin?

Get User Story Mapping on Whiteboards for Jira and Confluence to visualize of all the steps a user completes when using a product. It's also a tool to arrange user stories to create a customer's journey. 

Step 1

Start by adding the User Story Mapping template to your board.

Open your board and click Insert template to see the template library.  

Step 2

Type User Story Mapping into the search box in the top left corner.

Step 3

Click on the template preview.

Step 4

You will see a preview of the template with its description.

Click Use empty to add a blank template or Use pre-filled to get more context with some examples. 

Step 5

As soon as you click any of the buttons, you will be moved to the area on the board where the template was added, and all of the template elements will be selected, so you can reposition the template as needed. 

The User Story Map component keeps all cards in a convenient table layout. Every time you put something on the table, it gets resized to fit into the structure. You can put cards, images, videos, and other content there.

Check out our full article on User Story Mapping to learn how to use it: