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How to share a board?

While Whiteboards are an excellent place for different kinds of individual work, their secret powers are the collaboration aspects. Work with anyone you want from anywhere, asynchronously or simultaneously. Leave comments, reply to them, move elements, and connect via the integrated video chat to do great things together. 

There are three main ways to share your board: 

  • By inviting people via email or giving access to users in your organization (all users or selected ones),

  • By sharing it with guests from outside your organization (Available for and Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence in Data Center/Server versions), 

  • By embedding the whiteboard anywhere on the web with an iFrame or embed URL.

Additionally, our Atlassian apps (Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence) have more access permissions: 

  • Boards attached to a Jira issue —anyone with access to the Jira issue can access and edit the attached board.

  • Boards attached to a Jira project—project boards are public by default. This means that everyone in your organization can access a project board even if they don't have access to the associated Jira project. You can restrict access to individual users using the "Share" settings dialog (see one of the options below).

  • Boards added to a Confluence page—anyone with access to that Confluence page can access and edit the added board.

  • Boards added to a Confluence space—anyone with access to the Confluence space can access the board.