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How to show, edit, and create links between Jira issues?

Automatically visualize dependencies between Jira issues on the whiteboard—lines and arrows use different colors to show you which issue is a child to a given epic, which bug blocks a task, or how Jira issues relate to each other

Show issue links to better understand the workflow and relations between different issues. You can also create and edit these dependencies directly on the whiteboard. 

You can display and create:

  • Linking relations between Jira issues (for example: blocks, causes, clones, duplicates, relates to),

  • Connections between epics and their child issues,

  • The hierarchy between issues and their subtasks.

For linked issues and epics/child issues, you can also edit the relation directly on the board. 

Use it during sprint planning or roadmap creation for your product. Pull tasks from your backlog and see how they're related based on the issue links set up in Jira.