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What are identity providers and how to use them?

Identity providers allow you to set up a rule where everyone joining Whiteboards from, for example, your email domain or an Atlassian instance, has access to your organization. 

Setting up an identity provider makes it easy to share access with your team and have everyone collaborate without sending individual invitations.

It’s enough if your teammates create an account in Whiteboards and then open the link to your organization— they can start working right away!

You can set up an identity provider with one of the five methods: 

  1. Application link to Jira or Confluence (Server/Data Center versions) — Atlassian OAuth 1.0a.

  2. Jira Cloud or Confluence CloudAtlassian OAuth 2.0.

  3. Google Workspace.

  4. GitHub.

  5. Email domain

Choose any of them and enjoy working together! 

A person coming from an identity provider will have their role in the organization set to “User.” If you want, you can change their role to Owner in the Administration panel>>Users.