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What are the differences between (standalone) and Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence?

We offer Whiteboards in 3 versions: 

While we work hard to ensure all of them support the same features, due to the specifics of each platform and their management, there are slight differences and unique functionalities in each version.

Whiteboards for Jira

Whiteboards for Jira offers the deepest version of our Jira integration. When you install our app, Whiteboards gets full access to tools and permissions offered by the platform.

With the app you can:

  • Attach whiteboards to Jira issues and dashboards for easier access,

  • Use Issue table—an advanced tool that allows you to sync in real-time issues with Jira and automatically update different fields,

  • Manage Jira Software backlog through estimation, sprint management, and backlog order,

  • Limit access to the whiteboard based on project access properties from Jira. 

Whiteboards for Confluence

Our Confluence app was created with the idea in mind that Confluence often serves as the main point of truth and documentation for companies. We want to ease your workflow and decrease the effort needed to remember where that retrospective was held or where to look for planning results. 

Whiteboards for Confluence allows you to:

  • Use whiteboards as a macro for Confluence pages to easily access your brainstorming or planning sessions from one place, without the need to switch between platforms, 

  • Access the whiteboard with respect to the permissions set on the Confluence page where the macro is placed. This way you can make sure the right people can view and work on it,

  • Create single boards that aren’t connected to any Confluence page and can be accessed from the Confluence dashboard (go to Apps> Whiteboards in the top navigation). (standalone)

The Whiteboards standalone product makes it possible to use virtual boards without installing plugins in Jira or Confluence. If your company uses a different software management platform, this is the version to choose, as well as when you want to test it out before committing to introducing Whiteboards to the whole organization. offers these unique features:

  • You can run audio and video calls straight from the board without any external software,

  • Your boards can be shared with external guests. You can provide access to people outside your team and collaborate freely at no additional cost.