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What is Whiteboards data residency?

We always strive for the highest standards to help your organization stay safe and compliant. Our data residency is tailored for teams and organizations that must comply with strict data residency regulations. Whiteboards data residency gives you control over where your "in-scope" data is hosted. 

We store all user-generated data (everything the users create on a whiteboard) in our database on the Google Cloud Platform with secure servers located in North America (Iowa), Europe (Belgium), and Asia (Singapore). Out of these locations, you can choose where your data will be stored.

Choosing data residency applies to data in rest that is in-scope. It doesn't include data in transit or data in rest that is considered out-of-scope.

We don't store any personal or Jira issues data. All our Data Centers are ISO 27001 certified. We also have ISO 27017 and SOC 2, Type 1 certifications.

What is data at rest and data in transit?

Data at rest 

Data at rest means data that is stored physically on computer data storage in any digital form. This means all user-generated content and its backup.

Data in transit 

By data in transit, we mean any data moving actively from one location to another, for example, between one device to another, across the internet, or within a private network. Data in transit means, for example, HTTP requests and TCP packets. Be mindful of the fact that all the data at rest is sometimes, at least once, data in transit.

What are in-scope and out-of-scope data?

In-scope product data includes:

  • All your custom templates, board data, cards, lines, attachments, text, diagrams, images, and all other objects you add to the board.

  • All your integrations configurations (GitHub, Jira, Confluence).

  • Backups of all objects you add to the board and integrations' configurations.

Out-of-scope product data includes:

  • Logs (product audits and operational) — logs are used for operational maintenance and diagnostic purposes, as well as logs generated by changes related to content and configuration.

  • License data — data provided for licensing purposes.

  • Atlassian Marketplace App integration — Atlassian Connect provided configuration.

  • Data in transit — data being processed but not stored by Whiteboards services

  • Cached content — content stored in a non-specified region for up to 30 days with the purpose of content migration to a nominated location, or temporary storage of transactional content, such as emails, until delivery has been confirmed or abandoned.

  • Product analytics — events collected by Whiteboards for in-product user experience optimization and performance.

  • User analytics — events collected by Whiteboards to help understand experiences based on user interactions.

  • User Account Data — because our users are global and can be members of multiple whiteboard organizations, we store the following user account data globally:
    - For all deployment options (Whiteboards for Jira, Whiteboards for Confluence, — access tokens.
    - For only: first name, last name, user survey data (questions asked during the signup process, for example: your role, preferred use, etc.)

Data residency locations

Depending on which version of Whiteboards you're using, your data can be stored in one of the locations provided below. / Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence Data Center & Server instances

Global data residency means your data can be stored in any of the following locations:

  • EU - Belgium,

  • US - Iowa,

  • APAC - Singapore

When you choose European Union

  • In-scope product data is stored in Belgium

  • Attachments are stored in European Union multi-regional locations

When you choose the United States:

  • In-scope product data is stored in Iowa.

  • Attachments are stored in the United States' multi-regional locations

When you choose the Asia-Pacific region (APAC):

  • In-scope product data is stored in Singapore.

  • Attachments are stored in Asian multi-regional locations

Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence Cloud instances

Due to temporary technical changes in Atlassian, Whiteboards for Jira and Confluence in Cloud instances only offer global data residency.

Global data residency means your data can be stored in any of the following locations:

  • EU - Belgium,

  • US - Iowa.