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How can I export the content from the boards?

If you have data stored in, Whiteboards for Jira, and Whiteboards for Confluence, make sure you export and back up your data before July 31, 2024.

You can export your boards in several ways:

  • Export each board to a PDF file to get a visual representation of the board content. You can repurpose the file as an additional resource to your online or offline presentation or easily share it with external collaborators. These files are also print-ready, should the need arise.

  • Bulk exporting the boards to .json files will keep the whole board structure. Remember that .json files may not seamlessly translate to other whiteboarding tools, and some development effort on your part may be required.

  • You may export multiple boards to .csv files, which contain texts or links that can be copied from the board (for example, text fields, sticky notes, links to Jira/GitHub issues). This format doesn’t keep the colors/shapes/positions of these elements, so you’ll want to use a PDF for guidance when manually recreating the board. 

  • You can include all media uploaded to your boards in your export (images, videos, documents, and other uploaded files).

This Help Center article has details on all the export options.