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Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence pricing and features

Apart from the standalone version of Whiteboards available on, you can also enjoy our tool directly in the Atlassian ecosystem. Learn more about the different features each version offers.

Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence are paid apps available for Cloud, Server, and Data Center instances. 

Their monthly/annual price depends on the number of users in your Jira or Confluence and hosting version. You can check prices for your team on the Atlassian Marketplace:

When installing the app, you get a 30-day free trial to test and evaluate all features. 

Pro features in Whiteboards apps

When you have an active license for Whiteboards for Jira or Whiteboards for Confluence, you can access the full suite of our features. 

Server/Data Center features

For Server/Data Center hostings, Pro features are the same as on our standalone Whiteboards version,

Check out our pricing page to compare features. 

Cloud features

For Cloud hostings, the Pro features are:

Using Whiteboards apps without a license

Using Whiteboards for Jira/Confluence is possible without an active license. Your Whiteboards freemium will start when:

  • the license expires,

  • the subscription is canceled.

Without an active license, Pro features will be locked, but you can: 

  • Collaborate with your team on a digital whiteboard,

  • Use basic drawing features and simple shapes,

  • Manage access permissions to your boards and create team and private boards

  • Add pre-made templates,

  • Use basic Jira integration features (convert objects to Jira issues, create new issues, add issues to the board, change an issue state, add an assignee, edit a field from the context menu),

  • Use GitHub integration.

Additionally, any Confluence macros created before the license was canceled or expired will remain editable, but only with basic features.

  • In Data Center/Server instances, you won’t be able to create new boards with the {whiteboard macro.

  • In Cloud instances, you can use the macro /whiteboard, but the boards won’t have Pro features.

New Jira projects will get a whiteboard, but it won’t have Pro features.